Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Wake Up


after sometimes, we'll be weakening by the odd feeling.

get back to definition.

definitely, that's the only way.

think about why are we here.

what should actually do.

what have we forgotten.

oh, Allah.

have you ever feel that you are defeated by your own self. for not being able to get hold to ourselves. feeling that our own selves have betray us.

feeling that you are weakening, bit by bit. after all, it's a bless from Allah. a bless because we still have the feeling that something  we should do to correct the wrongness.

wake up.

wake up

wake up

prioritize ourselves, plan ahead, organize everything tough sometimes it might turn to unexpected event. but at the very least we are trying. so don't stop trying.

Allahua'lam. a note to my self. may Allah bless us.

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